The milk collection is the greatest business of our company. We have all the solutions at this level.



We offer:


  • Semi-traillers that are exclusive to the milk collection, with a technology that is not known in Portugal.


  • Tracks with 2 shafts, 3 shafts, combined with trailers with 2 and 3 shafts.


  • Measuring and specialized laboratories equipaments that give to our clients detailed informations like temperature, automatic collection of samples, liters, etc (everything in a real time).


  • All the tanks are isotermics and certificates to do the transport of the perishable produtcs (ATP).


  • Tracking of the cars with GPS that makes easier the adaptation of the collections to the client companies, and also the access to every routes that they makes.


  • Modern cars, that follows the law Euro 6 and makes a biggest compromise with the environment.